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Civic Involvement

Three Rivers Garden Club is one of the most active clubs in civic involvement in Rome.  Rome Convention and Visitors Center has been the main project of this club for many years.  Keeping the grounds around the Center is a yearly project where all members are involved. 

During 2009 – 2011 Three Rivers partnered with the Boys and Girls Club to install a vegetable and flower garden on the grounds of the Club in South Rome.  Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. sponsors a civic project every two years.  During that administration,Three Rivers Garden Club w
as the chair club for the project.  As the years pass, Three Rivers Garden Club continues the project, supports
  the students, and actively adds to projects for the students to be more involved.  The South Rome community has taken ownership of this project and for that Three Rivers Garden Club members are thankful. 

The goal of Cultivating Young Minds is to help children cultivate an interest in vegetables and gardening and to promote the simple pleasures of growing and harvesting vegetables for an edible garden and flowers for the beauty of nature.  Cultivating Young Minds is a continuing project of Three Rivers Garden and is the sponsoring club for the Junior Garden Club, which was formed in 2010. 

Cultivating Young Minds was funded through donations of money, goods, and services as well as support, education, and programs of horticulture, agriculture, and natural resources.

Here's a slide show of the progress of our garden!
New Projects  
New Project #1
Preserving Our Pollinators
Members are encouraged to participate in NGC's President Sandra Robinson's focus on Preserving Our Pollinators and partner with Crown Bees in their BeeGap program.  How-to videos and instructions can be found at http://www.crownbees.com
 New Project #2 
Connecting Children
Members will participate in Connecting Children with Nature projects.
 New Project #3 
The Frightened Frog 

Members will read and discuss The Frightened Frog with our junior garden clubs.  Now is not the time to hesitate, but to leap into action.  The Frightened Frog book and program highlights the environmental issues affecting amphibians.  Members will use the early reader book in preschool through 3rd grades.  Lesson plans are available emphasizing the important of amphibians and the role they play in healthy ecosystems.
 New Project #4:  
Supporting Monarch Butterflies as Pollinators 
The Monarch butterfly population is declining worldwide due to loss of habitat.  One of President Sandy Robinson's focus areas for her President's Special Project is the plight of the Monarch, and a commitment to creating gardens and habitat that will help to restore their population to health.
 New Project #5:  
Increase Awareness and Encourage Conservation
The 2015 - 2017 NGC President's Special 2-year Project, "Service in Action", is intended to increase awareness of the seriousness of the demise of pollinators and amphibians and encourage conservation and protection efforts by clubs, the general public and governmental agencies.
 New Project #6:  
Finding and Growing Our Future Leaders
As part of President Sandy Robinson's special projects, the "Leap into Leadership" team is focused on identifying, cultivating and creating future leaders for our clubs, states and national organization.  
 New Project #7:  
Million Pollinator Garden Challenge
The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC) is a nationwide call to action to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and pollinators across America.  We will move millions of individuals, kids and families, outdoors and make a connection between pollinators and the healthy food people eat.
 New Project #8:  
Wildlife Action Hero
Bee a Wildlife Action Hero!  Commit to Gardening for Wildlife!  Attract pollinators, butterflies amphibians and other beautiful wildlife to your garden so families and friends can enjoy them AND provide a safe haven where they can live and reproduce.  By providing food, water cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, this will not only help wildlife, but help educate others, and these gardens can qualify to become a certified wildlife habitat.  

Continuing Project #1 
Coosa Valley Fair Horticulture Show

Members will continue to volunteer time in organizing, being a clerk, and judge at the Fair.  All members are expected to enter specimens in the fair to raise club funds to educate the public on plant varieties.
 Continuing Project #2 
Garden Therapy
Members will participate in all Garden Therapy projects of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. including the Christmas stocking, Easter egg, and Fig Leaf projects.
Continuing Project #3
Financial Support
Members will send financial support to The State Botanical Garden, Historic Preservation, State Headquarters Operations Fund, The Garden Therapy Program, Roadside Beautification and the Youth Scholarship Program through the sale of calendars.
 Continuing Project #4
Civic Involvement
Members will continue to design, purchase, plant, water and maintain the flowers at the Rome Visitors Center.  Seasonal flowers and decorations will be used to beautify this area and welcome visitors to Rome.


The following are supporters and donors for the erection of Cultivating Young Minds Gardens.  We are very thankful for our community giving Three Rivers and Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. support in so many ways.  Thank you everyone for all you have done and continue to do:


Lovejoy Baptist Church        Tommy Lam
In memory of Sherry Bacon  Villa Hizer
Living & Giving                      In honor of John Schulz
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
In memory of Lewis Mixon
In memory of William N. Morris Sr.
In memory of Jane Judd & Jane Harbin
Dr. John and Mrs. Barnett
In honor of The Barnett Children/Grandchildren
Tica Berry in Memory of Tome Berry
100 Black Men/Mt. Aventine Neighborhood Association
David Jacobs                            Ginger Bogue
Drs. Rebekah & Darrell Lowery
Mather Mechanical                 James Shaw
The Howell Family                  Carol McCann              In memory of Doyle Watson
Lynne Clifton              Dr. Joel and Mrs. Lynn Todino
Bekeart Employees                            Fred Burmbaugh

           Activity #1:            
Send delegates to the Laurel District meeting, The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Convention, Deep South Region Convention and the National Garden Club, Inc. Convention each year.   
           Activity #2:            
Provide upkeep of The Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. Garden Center.   
           Activity #3:            
Participate in the Greater Rome Beautification Project.              Activity #4:            
Provide a variety of programs at our club meetings that are related to conservation, water, trees, horticulture, floral designs, gardening and nature study.
Activity #5
Participate in Arbor Day, Garden Week in Georgia, and National Garden Week programs and projects.
Continuing Project #5
Youth Activities
Members will continue to contribute $10 per year for The Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. Youth Fund. Members will provide information and do programs for youth on plant propagation, ecology and wildlife habitats. Floral designs, horticulture and Smoky Bear/Woodsy Owl contest will be continued as well as participate in all GCG Youth contests.
 Continuing Project #6
Community Relations
Members will provide floral arrangements and/or indoor plants for the front desk of the Rome/Floyd County Regional Library (Sara Hightower Library).  Rotating with other clubs, Three Rivers Garden Club will be responsible for designs approximately four times a year.  Information about the plants and flowers will be provided to educate the public.
 Continuing Project #7
Litter Prevention
The club will provide a group of puppeteers for the presentation of a puppet show about litter to third grade students in Rome and Floyd County.
 ContinuingProject #8
Members will recycle paper, plastic, glass, cans, electronics and hazardous materials.  Aluminum can tabs are collected for the Ronald McDonald House.
Continuing Project #9      
Cultivating Young Minds Youth Garden Club
Three Rivers Garden Club will continue to support the vegetable and flower gardens at the South Rome Boys and Girls Club of Northwest Georgia.  Members will provide leadership in the design, execution, fundraising, healthy eating education and publicity.  Three Rivers Garden Club will also continue to be the supporting garden club for this youth garden club.
 Continuing Project #10
Three Rivers Garden Club will continue to update and maintain the club’s website (www.3riversgardenclub.com).  The website is a source of information about meetings, projects, history, programs, officers and members.  The website will also have photographs of projects by members of Three Rivers Garden Club and Cultivating Young Minds Youth Garden Club.

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