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History of Our Club

Three Rivers Garden Club Celebrates 66 Years in 2015

November 1949 was a very important and exciting time in the life of Three Rivers Garden Club.  A group of ladies met with the extension committee of Garden Study Garden Club to choose officers, committee chairmen and by-laws to organize a new garden club in Rome.  That dream came true January 25, 1950 when Three Rivers Garden Club of Rome, Georgia became the 9th garden club in this beautiful city.  Mrs. Harold Hunter, President of Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. assisted with the first meeting and recommended that Three Rivers Garden Club be accepted for membership on March 8, 1950.

There were 23 charter members; however,  none of those ladies are living after 63 years.  For Three Rivers Garden Club they left a legacy that we still follows to this day.  Edith Gray and Jo Holder were invited to join in the late 1950’s and Mary Louis Dixon and Georgia Burns joined Three Rivers in the late 1970’s.  These members, as well as others, have been continuous members who actively participate in all phases of the Club from holding office to planting and cleaning our garden spot.  Two additional members, Linda Dean and Julienne Martin have now achieved the 20 Year Membership status.

Three Rivers has a beautification heritage in Rome that began in the late 1960's.  It was decided to improve an area in downtown Rome.  A quote from the February 2, 1961 newspaper states, “The most conspicuous civic beautification project in Rome is the miniature public park on Fifth Avenue beside the Forrest Hotel.  Everyone having anything to do with this project has the thanks of every Roman who appreciates passing an area of beauty, especially when it was formerly such an unattractive spot along the city’s main street”.  The park was designed by Thomas Williams of UGA who provided the blueprint including Ginkgo trees, Burfordi Holly, Convexa Holly and Azaleas.  Three Rivers Garden Club won the HANDS award of $50 that year for the best urban renewal project for this Forrest Hotel Garden.

The reclaimed train station was installed on Civic Center Hill in 1976 to serve as the Rome Welcome Center.  Three Rivers Garden Club again saw a need to beautify an unsightly spot.  No other club had two garden spots; however, the need was so great to have a lovely place for visitors and prospective new residents to come for information, this area was landscaped and is still maintained by the club.  Unfortunately, as the size of the club decreased over the years, it became difficult to continue the high level of work and money required to plant and maintain two such large areas.  The city took over the Forrest Garden and eventually another club adopted it when they were forced to abandon their garden spot.

Beautification continued when it was time for Three Rivers Garden Club to lead the Federation Project.  The club chose Pathway of Gold for the Olympic year to encourage Rome to plant golden areas accented with colors of the banners placed all over town to celebrate the Olympics.  The beautification and educational events won awards from The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

Members of Three Rivers have served as officers and/or chairmen not only for Three Rivers, but also Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Laurel District, The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. and Deep South Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc.  From 1991 – 1993, Georgia Burns served as Federation President and Mary Louise Dixon served as Rome Federated President from 2007 – 2009.  Georgia has served on the Laurel District Board since 1983, was elected Co-Director twice and served five years on the Garden Club of Georgia Board.  As the new administration took office in 2011, Dr. John Barnett was serving on Laurel District Board, The Garden Club of Georgia Board and Deep South Region Board.  Mrs. Diane Harbin was also serving on Laurel District and The Garden Club of Georgia Boards. 

Courses provided by GCG have trained our Flower Show Judges, Landscape Design Consultant and Environmental Consultant.  In addition, members have served Rome and Floyd County as expert volunteers on committees during our 66 year history.

Many awards have been won over the years and members hope to continue their tradition with the web site and during the 2009 – 2011 administration, led the Federation project with Cultivating Young Minds, a hands-on gardening education program for the children at South Rome Boys and Girls Club.  Three Rivers began a Youth Club at South Rome Boys and Girls Club integrating Cultivating Young Minds and took ownership for the continuation of this project.  Mary Louise Dixon began a youth garden club at East Central Elementary School which has won awards in past years as well.

With the 2011 – 2013 administration, Three Rivers Garden Club elected Dr. John Barnett as President of the club, the first male member of Three Rivers as well as the first male to hold office.  With the officers leading the membership, Three Rivers continued to show great accomplishments that were instituted during this administration.  Three Rivers Garden Club received awards at Laurel District, The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., Deep South Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and National Garden Clubs, Inc. conventions. 

During the 2013 - 2015 administration, Winnie Holland took the reigns as president and set the 'bar' high again.  Many awards were won during this administration and projects and programs were offered to the members of Three Rivers and the citizens of Rome and Floyd County.

The administration of Three Rivers Garden Club for 2015 - 2017 expects participation from all members and plans for this administration to continue the projects set forth in Rome and Floyd County as well as Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Laurel District, GCG, DSR and NGC.  Ginny D'Ambrosio and Jinks Lathan, Co-Presidents, plan to lead Three Rivers to new heights in gardening.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this dynamic garden club in Northwest Georgia.

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