Welcome to Three Rivers Garden Club
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Officers and Committees

Three Rivers Garden Club welcomes our 2015 – 2017 Administration

Ginny D'Ambrosio, Co-President
Jinks Latham, Co-President

Dr. John Barnett, Vice President

Georgia Burns, Recording Secretary

Dean Guinn, Corresponding Secretary

Sue Alford, Treasurer

Winnie Holland, Chaplain

Anita Bridges, Parliamenarian

Standing Committee Chairmen

Awards - Dr. John Barnett

By-Laws - Sandra Norman

Calendars - Dean Guinn

Chaplain - Winnie Holland

Civic Improvement - Patti Causey and Sue Alford

Elementary Schools Garden Clubs - Mary Louis Dixon

Center - Brenda Harp and Starr Helton

Garden Therapy - Jeanettia Rush

Historian - Linda Dean

Horticulture/Horticulture Tips - Winnie Holland

Hostesses - Dr. John Barnett and Georgia Burns

Library Arrangements - Linda Evans

Membership - Wanda Mixon

Newsletter Editor - Dr. John Barnett and Brenda Harp

Parliamentarian - Anita Bridges

Programs - Mary Louise Dixon and Linda Evans

Telephone/Email - Georgia Burns

Ways and Means - Jo Holder

Yearbook - Dr. John Barnett

Youth - Mary Louis Dixon and Winnie Holland


All committees shall assume their duties on June 1 and shall run for a one-year period.  Chairmen for each committee may serve a second year.

1.   Awards:  (Individual or club) The Awards Committee should familiarize themselves with the awards which are available and determine the ones best suited for our club. They should then encourage, advise, and assist the members  in applying for these awards.

2.     By-Laws:  It shall be the duty of this committee, at the request of the President, to review the by-laws or specific  portion, thereof, of this club and present any changes in writing to the executive board for its approval before  presenting the changes to club members during a regular meeting.

 Calendars:  The Georgia Engagement Calendar is published by the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. to provide scholarships for deserving students majoring in a garden-related subject in an accredited college or university in Georgia. Members are urged to send appropriate photographs for possible use in the calendar. The Calendar Committee handles the sale and distribution to our members.

Chaplain:  The Chaplain opens the club meetings with a thought or devotional for the day.

Civic Improvement:  Civic improvement is based on the need for beautifying, improving, and preserving our environment. Three Rivers Garden Club has one civic improvement project. See the complete description under “Continuing Projects.”

  Cultivating Young Minds: This committee is responsible for cultivating an interest in vegetable and flower gardening and to promote simple pleasures of growing and harvesting vegetables and flowers at the Northwest Georgia Boys and Girls Clubs, including but not limited to, South Rome and West Rome Boys and Girls Clubs.

Environmental Concerns:  “A fundamental objective of the National Council is to ‘aid’ in the protection and conservation of natural resources.” This Committee should be knowledgeable and active in keeping the club informed, suggesting programs and working in the community to further conservation efforts.

  Federated Garden Center (The 
Garden Center):  Three Rivers Garden Club cooperates with other members of the Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. in maintaining the grounds and interior of the Garden Center, 100 East 8th Street, Rome Georgia, at assigned times.

Garden Therapy:  This committee coordinates the fabrication and the delivery of felt Christmas Stockings and felt Easter Eggs to be given to residences of Assisted Living Centers, Nursing Homes and other facilities that have residences/patients during the Christmas and Easter Seasons.  Fig Leaf projects are also a continuing program of our club.  

Historian:  This member will keep a scrapbook containing all newspaper articles, awards presented, flower show ribbons won, pictures, etc. on the club and its individual members. This person will also need to compile information about the year in a written form so that it can be later used in the club’s history book.

Horticulture: This committee will be responsible for arranging educational lectures, flower shows, etc. for the Rome Community.

Horticulture—Coosa Valley Fair Show:  This committee will encourage all members to enter specimens in the fair to raise club funds and to educate the public on plant varieties.

   Horticulture Tips: 
This committee coordinates our activities for all areas of horticulture. It provides information, offers suggestions and sources of help to individuals and the club at meetings. Three (3) minutes of information about horticulture will be presented at each monthly meeting.         

   Hostesses:  This committee coordinates the places, hostesses, co-hostesses, and flowers for our monthly business meetings and programs.

   Jr/High School Garden Clubs:
This committee is responsible for maintaining Youth Clubs and investigating avenues of advancing gardening and clubs in the Rome area.

   Rome/Floyd County Library:  Our club cooperates with other Rome Federated Garden Clubs to provide plants or flower arrangements inside the Rome/Floyd County Library (Sara Hightower Library)

 Membership: Membership is an importat part of Three Rivers Garden Club. It is the intent to not only gain membership in Three Rivers, but to also be a mentor to other groups to begin new clubs.
  Newsletter: The editor of Ripples from Three Rivers is responsible for editing articles for the newsletter which is sent to the membership no less than five (5) times per year.

The Parliamentarian should be familiar with the by-laws and policies of Three Rivers Garden Club. This person advises the president on parliamentary rulings when needed according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

      Programs:  The Program Committee plans the programs for our meetings. They also make and confirm arrangements for programs, introduce speakers, and present a gift or gratuity to guest speakers. 

This committee calls all club members before each meeting as a reminder and to inform them of any special arrangements or news. The callers then give a count of expected attendance to the hostess. Committee members may also be asked to contact the members at other special times. Email may be used in lieu of phone calls.

     Ways and Means: This committee is responsible for selling items as a service to members to raise funds for club operations and projects.

       Yearbook:  This committee (chaired by the vice-president) compiles and publishes the annual record of members and planned club activities.

     Youth:  Persons on this committee cooperate with other clubs in the community to present a puppet show and program on recycling and anti-littering to local third graders. The committee also helps to coordinate activities between members, the Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc., and youth.

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