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By-laws and Policies



The name of this organization shall be Three Rivers Garden Club.


The objectives of the Club shall be the advancement of gardening, the development of home grounds, the furthering of city beautification, the stimulating of interest in cooperative gardening, the aiding in the conservation of forest, wildflowers, birds, butterflies, and other new garden club emphases.


The qualification of membership shall be a very active interest in gardening. Each member shall be required to perform annual duties of which the member is capable, either in the Garden Club or Federated activities.

A.    Active Members:

The qualification for membership shall be an active interest in the Garden Club objectives.  Members shall be required to perform duties of which they are capable in our Club or the Federation.  The dues of the Club shall be forty dollars ($40.00) which includes a Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. calendar.  The active membership shall not exceed forty.


B.   Associate Members:

 A member (active for three years) who wishes to be placed on the Associate list shall make a written request to the President.  Associate members are those who are on a partially active status.   They shall pay annual dues of forty dollars ($40.00) which includes a Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. calendar.  Failure to pay dues will automatically terminate membership.

Associate members shall be expected to participate in programs upon invitation, exhibit at flower shows and endeavor to extend the ideals of garden club work. They may attend any meeting upon request to the President. Those who desire active membership should make it know to the President by the January meeting.


C.   Honorary Members:

    Honorary members shall be those persons of merit whom the Club shall desire to honor. Dues shall not be required of them.


D.  New Members

A member may invite a prospective member to visit a meeting.  If that person desires to become an active member of the Club, the President shall be notified and dues paid to the Treasurer.

E.   Resignation

Resignation must be made in writing to the President who will present it at the next regular meeting.


The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.



A.        President. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee and may be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. The President shall appoint all standing committee chairmen and announce them at the May meeting with new assignments to begin the following September. The President is our delegate to the State Convention and the Laurel District meeting. If unable to attend, another member will be designated as delegate. The registration fee and other budgeted expenses shall be paid by the Club.


B.       Vice-President. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall  preside and in case of illness, resignation, or death of the President, the Vice-President becomes the President for the unexpired term. The Vice-President is chairman of the yearbook committee and is responsible for distributing copies of the yearbook to all active members by the September meeting.

  Secretary   The Secretary is recording officer of the Club and custodian of its records except the Treasurer’s books. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings of the Club, shall keep the list of members, shall check the roll at each meeting, and keep a record of attendance.

D.         Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence of the Club.

E.    Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall maintain the checking account, pay items as designated in the budget and make complete monthly reports to the Club.



BB  Between regular meetings the affairs of the Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the officers of the Club and the Parliamentarian.  Meetings will be held at the discretion of the President.

B. The Executive Committee shall from time to time authorize appointment of other committees and determine the duties of each committee.

C.   The Executive Committee is empowered to change the dates of meetings when other garden events make it expedient.

D.Any unexpired term of office shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee.



A.   All meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month from September through May.

B.     A nominating committee consisting of three members shall be elected in January of each odd year. This committee will report in February. The meeting to elect officers shall be held in March. Officers elected will assume office at the conclusion of the May meeting and serve two years.



The By-Laws may be amended at any meeting by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present provided a quorum (½ of the active members) is present. Proposed changes shall have been presented at a previous meeting or mailed to each member two weeks prior to such meeting.


Ø Each active member is expected to attend meetings, serve as a hostess or co-hostess, and provide flowers for one meeting each year. Members are also expected to participate in the Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. annual project, civic projects, the Coosa Valley Horticulture Show, and other garden club projects as needed.

Ø All meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, September through May, with coffee/social at 9:30 AM followed by the meeting at 10:00 AM unless otherwise notified.

Ø The hostess and co-hostess will provide the meeting place and refreshments. The person listed first is chairperson and makes the plans with the others to coordinate everything.

Ø  When a member is unable to hold a meeting in the home and the meeting is held at a location where a charge is required, the hostess is responsible for this charge by the hostess since she/he is furnishing the location.

Ø  A member who wishes to bring a guest must call the hostess so that the guest can be included in the plans.

Ø  A speaker who is not a member of the club may be given a gift or gratuity. Gifts are not given to active, associate, or honorary members of Three Rivers Garden Club, Inc. for their participation in a program.

Ø  It is necessary that dues be paid no later than the March meeting in order for the Club to place the calendar order and to meet obligations to the Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc.

Ø  The person listed first on the Watering Schedule for each month is to call the others to organize the weeks for watering.

Ø  All members are expected to enter plants or cuttings in the Coosa Valley Fair Horticultural Show. This is a major club activity and an important opportunity to earn operating money for our projects. If a member does not contribute horticulture to the show, a $5.00 donation is expected to be given to the Treasurer.

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